Aluminium Fabrication Services At A Glance

At MM Marine Engineering we are highly skilled in our Aluminium marine fabrication works and our custom works in building custom Aluminium Plate boats weather they are for recreational use or for commercial operations.

We build our own boat designs or we can build your design or your own Aluminium kit boat project. We fit out all our own boats right through from the custom works, electrical, plumbing mechanical fit ups, we do it all in house.

We are highly skilled in all our repairs works that we carry out in repairing damaged Aluminium boats right through from cracked and damaged hull sections through to repairing or modifying Aluminium super structure sections.

We are highly skilled in our Aluminium fabrication and welding works especially towards those older Aluminium boats where the materials become more difficult to weld due to the high level of ageing contaminates that build up within the older Aluminium boating materials.

We are highly skilled in carrying out any alterations or custom additions to your Aluminium Vessel weather it be a small roof topper 2 meter dingy right through to your Super Yacht. We are highly skilled in carrying out any internal re-fit fit-outs or weather your re-powering your Aluminium vessel and require any Aluminium transom mods or repairs for that new outboard or new stern drive to be fitted.

If you have that larger recreational or commercial vessel that you are going to undertake a mechanical refit we can do it all, the work right through from the engine(s) removals to re-desining new engine mounting bearers for re-mounting your new choice of marine petrol or diesel engines to the complete installation works, from engine room to controls and to instrumentation.

Like all our stainless steel fabrication services we offer the same in Aluminium.